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Become a good web developer

Become a good web developer

Becoming a good web developer today a bit difficult. Because everyday we weak up and start browsing Facebook, google and find something new. New technologies come up. We start learning and try to get a good out (Try to develop a good website). But sometimes we can't get some specific feature to integrate and the result we left everything and try to do something new again.


This generally repeated learning strategist in our student life. Final result is frustration. 


Now i will give you some tips that can help you to become success in your web development career based on php and some other top technologies.


First think we want to be PHP based web developer, what should do and what to learn first.


  • 1) First you have to start from HTML, CSS and then JavaScript. You will develop a good front end.
  • 2) Then you have to  start learning PHP and Mysql. Because website contain text, images and multimedia. Need to be programmer based on PHP.
  • 3) After that you can think about nodejs, angularjs, mongodb etc. ( this steps can take you about 1 year to learn) But it will be easy for you because you already have a good understanding on Web.






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